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  Is there anyone who does not like making money easily? gives you an opportunity to earn money in an easier and much familiar way i.e. by socializing. MyLot is a social, community site with near about two hundred thousand members and thousands of discussion topics to start with. Mylot pays you for making friends, participating in discussions, posting news, starting new discussions, completing tasks and much more. This site has a lot of potential and there are thousands of users making money online with So, read on to know how to make money online with

The first question that arises in anyone’s mind is “What is”? Well, believe me the answer is already out in the opening paragraph itself!! In the rest of the article you will read about:

1) How to earn money online with
2) Payment criteria of
3) How to become a good mylotter?
4) How to attract traffic from (for bloggers)?
Answers are given below –

How to Earn Money Online with
  First thing you need to do is to register yourself at Click on the button below to sign up. Considering that you are a mylotter all you need to do is start commenting on discussions, start posting news, start new discussions, perform searches using their search bar, invite friends using your referral link, add images to your posts, complete optional tasks, rate articles, add quality to the mylot community in any way you want. By doing all this you can easily earn around 10$ a day, amazing!! We all do the above activities on various social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Google+, StumbleUpon but we are not paid. Consider a social network where you can earn money by doing all the things that you have been doing since so many years.

Payment Criteria of
  You make few cents every time you do something on This is small money but it adds up soon. Once you have $10 in your mylot account you are eligible for withdrawing your payments. The minimum payout is $10 via paypal.

How to Become a Good Mylotter
  Now this is the most important question for every mylot user. Mylot community refers people using mylot as MYLOTTERS. I m a mylotter and I hope that after reading this article you also become a mylotter. To become a good mylotter all you have to do is treat mylot just as you treat facebook and twitter or any other good social network. You need to be consistent to earn more. Referrals fetch 25% extra income from each new user added by you. Let us move quickly on the last and most important section of this article.

How to Get Traffic from For Bloggers
  As I m into blogging and some recognize me as a blogger so this segment of the article is dedicated to all Bloggers. Just follow the tips below to get traffic from Post links that relates to the contents you have created at your website or blog. There are thousands of discussions going on. Just find suitable ones related to your blog’s niche and start posting links to your webpages. This is most effective method to drive traffic and make money from So start using mylot, have fun and earn money online with

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